PyroFlash Plants

Mobile PyroFlash plants are standard equipped with a dosing silo on top of the installation. The biochar is removed from the reactor with ascrew conveyor, the liquid products are pumped. Tha gas can be sent to flare or used as fuel.


Typical Yields

For a woody feedstock with 10% water the yields are typically:

Product w% of feed
Biochar 10
Wet Oil 5
Dry oil 20
Wood Vinegar 25
Wood Gas 40

 For other biomass and moisture contents yields will be different.



Nettenergy offers mobile units that can be taken to the source of the biomass. We offer two capacity ranges:

Capacity (MTPD feed) Size Container (ft) Power Consumption (kWh)
2 20 5
10 40 25
  • 20 =LxWxH 6x2,4x2,6m; 40 =LxWxH 12x2,4x2,6m


For operation the unit needs to be placed outside the container. To the unit a top silo needs to be added which increases the height with 1 extra meter.

The wood gas is typically send to the flare or can directly be used to dry the biomass. The drying unit is outside the scope of the installation.


Option Gas Generator

The wood gas can be used to feed the gas generator.

With the gas generator the mobile unit can be made self-supporting in its energy usage. The unit is battery started and when the wood gas is produced the gas generator takes over the electrical power requirement. No diesel or connection to the electrical grid is required.


Capacity (MTPD feed) Gas generator (kWh)
2 18
10 90

With the gas generator the mobile unit is a net producer of electricity.

Feed system

The mobile unit is standard equipped with a top silo for the biomass feeding. This silo can either be manually fed but one is advised to use a large upfront silo (10m3 for a one day continuous operation for a 2 MTPD installation) followed by a conveyor belt.

The silo must be fed with biomass with a typical size between 5<x<10 mm and 10% moisture content.

Labor Requirement

The mobile unit requires one person to operate. When an upfront silo is used this person needs to fill this silo 1x/day and replace the production storage tanks when they are full.

Operation of the unit is by touch screen panel using built-in startup, operation and shutdown logics.