Flash Oil


Nettenergy has developed its biomass-based pyrolysis technology themselves. This technology includes a new reactor design and an innovative separation process. In this it distinguishes itself from the 1st generation pyrolysis technologies by producing separate oil and water fractions. This 2nd generation technology is marketed under the name PyroFlash.

1e generation

                 1st generation flash pyrolysis technology                       2nd generation flash pyrolysis technology                                                      


The technology has several characteristics:

Robust reactor

The reactor design combines high yield with high capacity.

This design can handle a wide variety of biomass qualities. In addition, the reactor can be started quickly.

Multiple products simultaneously

The pyrolysis technique is ideally suited to produce multiple products. The PyroFlash technology makes best uses of this characteristic. It can produce several oil fractions directly from the biomass in its separation section. Oil from the PyroFlash process is called Nettoil.

Compact design

One of the design criteria for this technology was that it should require little ground space and little height. This was needed to be able to build mobile plants.

This mobile plant can locally convert biomass into products. The fast start-up and easy operation makes the use at multiple locations in a short period of time possible.