Pyrolysis Products

With its in-house pyrolysis plants Nettenergy is capable of producing products from various biomass species and make them available to the market for further research.

The PyroFlash technology is unique in the simultaneous production of multiple products:

- biochar

- pyrolysis oil (dry and wet)

- wood vinegar

- wood gas

The PyroGasifier technology is designed not only to produce wood gas but also biochar.

Because of this wide product range these technologies are ideally suited to supply feedstock / fuel to both the chemical and energy sectors.

Typical application area's of the pyrolysis products are shown in below table.


Fuel Fuel Green de-icing salt Fuel
Soil Improver Chemicals Chemicals Hydrogen source
Carbon Storage Bio-Aromatics Insecticide Electricity
Source for Syngas Coatings Acidificaton of Manure  
Plastic Filler Bitumes Plant Growth stimulant  
Active Carbon Marine fuel Conservation of food  
    Smell & Flavor