Nettenergy in the media

April 2022

Nettenergy was interviewed by the magazine “Tuin en Park Techniek” on the application of grass as a source of hydrogen, electricity, and biochar production.

The full article can be read here: Groen Hart Waterstof.

GH2 project delivers first orange electricity!

March 2022

Vermeulen Group provided the first batch of pelletized road grass to test in the PyroGasifier installation connected to a 15 kWe gas generator. Both orange electricity and biochar were produced.


NettOil ships PyroFlash Installation

February 2022

NettOil, a sister company of Nettenergy, has shipped its 2 MTPD PyroFlash installation including the gas generator and feeding system to its American customer. After successfully passing the Factory Acceptance Test the installation was placed in a 20ft container and transferred to Rotterdam harbour for sea freight.


NettGas receives first order for PyroGasifier Study

February 2022

NettGas, a sister company of Nettenergy, receives its first order from our Australian partner Pyrotech Energy to execute a study with the PyroGasifier pilot installation to determine the yield of biochar and syngas for a selected feedstock by an Asian customer.