NettEnergy shows a video of a hydrogen lift-off!

September 2023

NettEnergy released a video in which a hydrogen-filled Zeppelin balloon takes off to the sky!!. The balloon was filled with hydrogen produced from our SYN2H technology.


Zeppelin Balloon with SYN2H hydrogen. Select photo for video

NettGas and Vermeulen Groep sign collaboration agreement

September 2023

NettGas BV from Boskoop and the Vermeulen Group from Hazerswoude Dorp have signed a cooperation agreement for Oranje Hydrogen production.

The collaboration is aimed at the realization of commercial hydrogen installations of 500 kg of hydrogen per day in the Netherlands, with a focus on the realization of a first installation in the Province of South Holland.

NettGas BV supplies the process technology and knowledge for the installation, Vermeulen supplies the roadside grass as raw material, and the knowledge for pre-processing roadside grass.

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An orange hydrogen installation is a unique hybrid installation with an adjustable output of synthesis gas that can be converted into electricity and/or hydrogen as desired, while simultaneously capturing CO2 in the form of the biochar also produced.

For more information select photo.

NettGas concludes partnership with Adsorb

August 2023

Nettgas, a sister company of Nettenergy, has signed a sales and marketing agreement with the South African company Adsorb to offer Nettenergy’s PyroGasification technology to produce green electricity and biochar and the SYN2H technology to produce hydrogen from syngas/biogas.


Nettenergy in the media

April 2023

Nettenergy was interviewed by the magazine “Tuin en Park Techniek” on the application of grass as a source of hydrogen, electricity, and biochar production.

The full article can be read here: Groen Hart Waterstof.

GH2 project delivers first orange electricity!

March 2023

Vermeulen Group provided the first batch of pelletized road grass to test in the PyroGasifier installation connected to a 15 kWe gas generator. Both orange electricity and biochar were produced.


NettOil ships PyroFlash Installation

February 2023

NettOil, a sister company of Nettenergy, has shipped its 2 MTPD PyroFlash installation including the gas generator and feeding system to its American customer. After successfully passing the Factory Acceptance Test the installation was placed in a 20ft container and transferred to Rotterdam harbour for sea freight.


NettGas receives first order for PyroGasifier Study

February 2023

NettGas, a sister company of Nettenergy, receives its first order from our Australian partner Pyrotech Energy to execute a study with the PyroGasifier pilot installation to determine the yield of biochar and syngas for a selected feedstock by an Asian customer.