3rd Party Projects

Nettenergy in BioADD project

March 2020

Nettenergy joins a consortium to investigate the use of biochar in bioplastic.

Nettenergy in Coffee Grounds Gasification project

September 2019

Nettenergy is testing the potential of coffee grounds to provide biochar and electricity using its PyroGasifier installation.

Nettenergy in Rice Husk Gasification project

April 2019

Nettenergy is testing the potential of rice husk to provide biochar and electricity using its PyroGasifier installation.

Nettenergy in Paddy Straw project

March 2018

Nettenergy is invited as a consultant to a consortium led by the University of Wageningen to investigate the better use of paddy straw in India. Today this straw is burned in open air causing pollution and wasting a valuable resource.

Nettenergy in BOB Project

October 2017

Nettenergy is providing services and pyrolysis products to the BOB project. The aim of this project is to improve soil fertility in certain parts of South Holland by improving its organic content. At the same time the loss of phosphate into the water system needs to be minimized. The project is led by Delphy and includes several providers of soil additives. Nettenergy will contribute with its biochar.

Nettenergy in Circular Manure project

May 2016

Nettenergy joins the SIA-RAAK project on Circular Cow Manure. This project is led by CAH Vilentum and involves various stakeholders in tackling the manure surplus in The Netherlands.

Nettenergy will use its PyroGasification technology to process manure and turn it into biochar and electricity.

Nettenergy in KIEM-VANG project

April 2016

Nettenergy joins a KIEM-VANG project led by Avans University of Applied Sciences to investigate the aging of pyrolysis oil.

Nettenergy in MIT Project decentralized pig manure processing

March 2016

Nettenergy provides its services to VAM WaterTech BV and Van der Wijngaart’s WES Holding BV to test small-scale gasification of pig manure.

Nettenergy in BioSorb project

October 2015

Nettenergy joins the  IWT-TETRA project Biosorb. This project led by KUL, UCLL en UHasselt from Belgium is investigating the application of biochar from the various origins, (wood, cellulose, manure) for water purification. The removal of metals and medicines from industrial and public sewage systems is studied.

Nettenergy in NettCity startup

June 2015

Nettenergy together with partners has launched a new startup called NettCity. NettCity will be an operating company that uses Nettenergy’s PyroFlash installations at city waste facilities. NettCity will process woody biomass from the city into electricity as well as the products biochar, pyrolysis oil and wood vinegar. The electricity is given back to the City to support its circular economy. NettCity will sell the products to the market. Initially, NettCity will focus on The Netherlands but parallel activities will be initiated in countries throughout Europe.


Shirke Energy orders first PyroFlash Installation for India

 March 2015

Shirke Energy from India orders the first PyroFlash Mobile Plant. The order includes manufacturing in The Netherlands, testing, and commissioning in India.