The projects of Nettenergy involve both internal and external R&D projects with third parties/consortia as well as projects in which installations, services or pyrolysis products are supplied.

The internal R&D projects focus on enhancing the various pyrolysis technologies.

The external R&D projects mostly focus on developing applications for the pyrolysis products as well as upgrading them into new products.

When installations are provided it involves the engineering, manufacturing, testing and the commissioning at a customer’s location.

Pyrolysis products are produced on-demand using our demo installations. Services include testing of various types of biomass and consultancy.

We have tested the following biomass

  • Wood
  • Miscanthus
  • Cashew nutshells
  • Croton Husk
  • Rice Husk
  • Coffee grounds
  • Olives residue
  • Manure (Pig & Cattle)
  • Cellulose fraction sewage plants
  • The lignin of various sources
  • Compost residue
Rice husk pellets
Waterplant pellets
Coconut Fibre
Peach stones
Forest Residu
Olive Stones
Olive Pomace
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