R&D Projects

Super Critical Water Gasification R&D program

April 2022

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to develop a Super Critical Water gasification installation to convert hydrocarbons into hydrogen, methane, and CO2. The installation will be able to handle both liquid and solid hydrocarbons.

PyroGasifier Liquids R&D program

March 2020

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to develop a gasifier for hydrocarbon liquids. In this way the liquids can be converted into syngas and serve as a source for electricity using gas generators or hydrogen when combined with the SYN2H technology.

PyroFine R&D program

January 2019

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to use electrically heated pyrolysis reactors in a new product line of pyrolysis installations that can handle both solid and gaseous feedstocks.

SYN2H R&D program

June 2018

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to investigate the conversion of syngas into pure hydrogen. The R&D program will focus on new technology that can be placed after any source of syngas. The technology will be free of catalyst usage.

Nettenergy partner in Green Gas Gasifier Project

January 2018

Nettenergy together with the Belgium partner Victor Goes Green has entered into a CrossRoads2 program to combine their efforts in gasifier technology and extend these with a synthesis loop to convert biomass into syngas and transform the syngas into green gas (methane) that could be used into the national gas grid.

Press Release Green Gas Gasifier

Nettenergy partner in Pyrolysis Cluster Moerdijk

December 2016

In this project, four different pyrolysis techniques will be used to transfer waste materials into valuable products and energy.

The project team consists of Havenschap Moerdijk , Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij REWIN West-Brabant, Avans Hogeschool, Bewa Groep Moerdijk, SABIC Petrochemicals, Goodfuels Marine, Patpert Teknow Systems, Nettenergy, Nimaro Ageno Consult, CharcoTec, Waste4ME, DSM R&D Solutions, Delphy en TU Eindhoven

The project is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), the Dutch central government and the provinces of Noord Brabant.

Press Release Pyrolysis Cluster

Nettenergy partner in SCeLio-4B Project

January 2016

In this project, SCeLiO-4B (Sugars, Cellulose and Lignin Scale-Up into BioBased Building Blocks) the partners will collaborate on the development, testing and upscaling of innovative processes related to bio-aromatics.

The SceLiO-4B project has a budget of € 11,3 million. The project is supported by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRO), the Dutch central government and the provinces of Noord Brabant and Limburg, who have contributed € 4,5 million from the OP-ZUID program.

Nettenergy in  MUG (Meer Uit Groen) project

September 2013

A consortium of six SMEs in the province of South Holland receives a subsidy from the Cluster Projects South Holland.  The MUG project aims to upgrade low-value biomass from the region ( Greenport Boskoop and Waddinxveen) to new and useful products. The companies will each work from their own expertise in various conversion techniques such as fermentation, combustion, and pyrolysis. One will investigate the feasibility of a system that is suitable for low-grade biomass as a waste product into renewable raw materials for numerous applications as well as renewable energy.  The project was initiated by the Greenport Boskoop. Wagro is the applicant and has the following partners: F & H Crone, Verkade Klimaat, Nettenergy, DLV Plant and Ekodorp. The project has a volume of 2 million € and is managed by DLV Plant and Haute Equipe.

Nettenergy en Latexfalt start research in bitumen

September 2013

Nettenergy and Latexfalt start research in the application of pyrolysis oil as a replacement of bitumen in asphalt. The research is sponsored by the “Subsidieregeling Clusterprojecten Zuid Holland”. It is a 2-year program.

   Bert Jan Lommerts of Latexfalt en Rob Vasbinder of Nettenergy

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult in an R&D project

 August 2013

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult to start a 2-year R&D program to upgrade pyrolysis products from the PyroFlash installation into higher-value applications. The project is sponsored by the Dutch government as part of the MIT-R&D program for Biobased initiatives.

PyroGasifier Solids R&D program

September 2012

Nettenergy has started a new research program to develop technology to convert solid biomass into synthesis gas (CO + H2) and biochar. This gas can then be used by gas engines or serve as a basis for chemicals such as ammonia and methanol. Thru the Fischer-Tropsch process also liquid fuels for the transport sector can be produced.

PyroBurn R&D program

November 2011

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to use pyrolysis oil in commercially available burners. The research is aimed at adapting the burners and to make pyrolysis oil available as burner fuel for kettles.

PyroEngine R&D program

October 2011

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to modify standard stationary diesel engines to use the pyrolysis oil produced by the PyroFlash process. By enabling these engines to use pyrolysis oil rather than diesel new applications in the area of CHP installations becomes possible. 

PyroFlash R&D program

May 2006

Nettenergy has launched an R&D program to develop a new flash pyrolysis process to convert biomass into materials, chemicals, and energy. The program will focus on small scale mobile installations that can be used at the source of the biomass