The SYN2H technology is aimed at converting syngas into pure hydrogen. The traditional route to convert syngas into hydrogen requires a catalyst for the watergas shift reaction, CO + H2O > CO2 + H2 to boost hydrogen production.

The SYN2H technology is unique in its requirements to produce hydrogen

  • No catalyst requirement
  • No pressurization of syngas needed
  • No oxygen blown gasifiers needed, air blown suffice

The SYN2H technology is designed such that it can be placed behind any installation that produces syngas.

Syn2H flowsheet simulation

Gasifiers equipped with the SYN2H extension become serious rivals of the electrolysis route to hydrogen. The combination has a number of advantages over electrolysis:

  • 24/7 production of hydrogen as there is no dependence on solar or wind to provide the electricity
  • No requirement for high capacity grid connection
  • Can be made autarkic in its own electricity demand
  • Can use multiple feedstocks to yield hydrogen