PyroGasification Succes!

October 2012

Nettenergy has successfully converted biochar into synthesis gas (CO + H2). By using a gas engine this gas produced electricity to the public grid.
By producing synthesis gas from it, biochar has found another application next to being an improvement to the soil and a replacement for fossil fuel-based fertilizers.

PyroGasification R&D program

September 2012

Nettenergy has started a new research program to convert biochar and pyrolysis oil produced by its PyroFlash process into synthesis gas (CO + H2). This gas can then be used by gas engines or serve as a basis for chemicals such as ammonia and methanol. Thru the Fischer-Tropsch process also liquid fuels for the transport sector can be produced.

Article in Dutch magazine

June 2012

Nettenergy has written a letter to the Dutch magazine Technisch Weekblad titled “Wood deserves Biorefining”. In this article Nettenergy promotes the use of wood for producing chemicals rather than using it for energy purposes. At the same time, Nettenergy promotes the installation of a new subsidy program called the SDC, Subsidies Duurzame Chemie. This as a counterpart to the existing SDE+ program that only supports energy-based solutions. The Dutch government has to put more focus on producing biobased chemicals to become a leader in this field.

You will find the article here (in Dutch).

Hout verdient Bioraffinage

PyroRefinery R&D programma

Juni 2012

Nettenergy has launched a new research program to retrieve valuable chemical components from the products of the PyroFlash process. The pyroligneous oil and acid contain organic acids, aldehydes, phenols and lactones that can be used by the food and chemical industry.

With PyroRefinery an impulse is given to the biorefining of woody biomass.