Nettenergy successfully completes Green Gas Project

November 2018

Nettenergy together with their Belgium partner Victor Goes Green has successfully completed the CrossRoads2 program Green Gas Gasifier. In this project, the partners produced green hydrogen gas. The syngas of their gasification technology was upgraded into pure hydrogen using a new developed non-catalytic thermal route. With this route, the production of green hydrogen from biomass makes a new entry in the hydrogen economy.

The CrossRoad project was sponsored by Interreg.

Nettenergy signs License Agreement with Shirke Energy

May 2018

Nettenergy is pleased to announce that it has signed a License Agreement with its Indian partner Shirke Energy for its PyroFlash technology.
The PyroFlash technology is the world’s first commercially available 2nd generation Flash Pyrolysis technology that yields multiple products simultaneously from biomass.
With this License Agreement Shirke Energy has obtained the right to produce PyroFlash installations in India.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the Dutch Prime Minister Mr. Rutte during the Dutch Trade Misson to India.

From left to right: Dutch Ambassador Alphonsus Stoelinga, Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Director Abhijeet Shirke of Shirke Energy, Director Rob Vasbinder of Nettenergy, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag, Mr. Hans de Boer, president of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers (VNO-NCW).

Nettenergy joins Dutch Trade Mission to India

May 2018

On May 23-25 Nettenergy joins the largest Trade Mission to India ever. More than 100 companies, will be accompanied by the Prime Minister and four Ministers.
Nettenergy will take part in the Agri-Food & Horticulture program.


Nettenergy’s partner SETIVA in WOW! project

March 2018

Nettenergy’s Dutch partner SETIVA becomes a PyroFlash technology provider in the WOW! project – Wider business Opportunities for Wastewater. This large Interreg project (6.5 MM Euro) aims for better use of materials obtained from wastewater. SETIVA will convert the cellulose material into char, oil, and energy. For this, a PyroFlash installation will be placed at Waterschap Vallei en Veluwe in The Netherlands. This success follows earlier trials with cellulose in a PyroFlash installation starting in 2014.

Nettenergy produces ultra-dry pyrolysis oil

 January 2018

As a result of its ongoing internal PyroRefinery R&D program, a pyrolysis oil upgrading installation has been constructed. It allows the removal of all the water from the wet or dry pyrolysis oil. This leads to a high viscous oil, solid at room temperature.  The removed water fraction is high in the concentration of light organic substances such as acetic acid, acetol. As can be seen from below picture the ultra-dry pyrolysis oil becomes brittle at temperatures below 10C.

Nettenergy partner in Green Gas Gasifier Project

January 2018

Nettenergy together with the Belgium partner Victor Goes Green have entered into a CrossRoads2 program to combine their efforts in gasifier technology. They will extend their gasifiers with a synthesis loop to convert biomass into syngas and transform the syngas into green gas (methane) that could be used in the national gas grid. The CrossRoad project is sponsored by Interreg.