Nettenergy joins CSR Netherlands

November 25, 2015

Nettenergy has joined CSR Netherlands. CSR Netherlands is the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. More than 2000 companies are affiliated with this networking organization.

Startup NettCity wins Dutch “Get In The Ring” Competition 2015

November 2015

NettCity has won the heavyweight class for startups in the Dutch Final of the international Get In The Ring Competition and will now continue for the European final in London, UK.
Get in the Ring the Netherlands is organized by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE) and powered by EY, ING and APM Terminals.

The ultimate Global Final in Medellin, Colombia, takes place in March 2016 during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2016.

Nettenergy and Biostruction start collaboration in the Balkan region.

November 2015

Nettenergy and Biostruction Energy Engineering from Greece have entered into an agreement to sell and use Nettenergy’s PyroFlash technology in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Serbia and Montenegro.

Startup NettCity in top 20 initiatives to boost Rotterdam’s economic transition

November 2015

NettCity has been selected as one of the top 20 initiatives to boost Rotterdam’s transition into the biobased economy. As a result of this selection, NettCity will receive full support to establish the first commercial installation of the Pyroflash installation at the city’s waste station. Rotterdam will be the first of initially 10 installations planned for The Netherlands.

Nettenergy @ pyrolysis symposium Helicon

 October 2015

Nettenergy gave a stunning demonstration of its PyroFlash technology at the pyrolysis symposium organized by the Helicon School of Green Engineering in Boxtel, The Netherlands.

Nettenergy launches new startup NettCity

June 2015

Nettenergy together with partners has launched a new startup called NettCity. NettCity will be an operating company that uses Nettenergy’s PyroFlash installations at city waste facilities. NettCity will process woody biomass from the city into electricity as well as the products biochar, pyrolysis oil and wood vinegar. The electricity is given back to the City to support its circular economy. NettCity will sell the products to the market. Initially, NettCity will focus on The Netherlands but parallel activities will be initiated in countries throughout Europe.


Nettenergy selects Kemper en van Twist for Gas generators

June 26, 2015

Nettenergy will use the gas generators of Kemper en van Twist (KVT) to convert the syngas of its PyroFlash installations into electricity. The gas generators of KVT are based on gas engines of Perkins. With this Nettenergy is assured from worldwide support.

Nettenergy and SETIVA collaborate on sewage water purification 

May 2015

Nettenergy and Setiva have reached a worldwide agreement to apply Nettenergy’s PyroFlash technology in the sewage water purification world. With this agreement, Setiva will obtain exclusive marketing and licensing rights to sell and manufacture PyroFlash installations in this market segment.

Nettenergy selects Pulsed Heat as Engineering and Equipment Manufacturer

April 2015

Nettenergy has selected the Dutch Firm Pulsed Heat for the engineering and construction of its PyroFlash installations. By outsourcing this activity Nettenergy can maintain its focus on developing new technologies for the biobased economy. The sales and marketing of the installations will remain with NettEnergy.

Shirke Energy orders first PyroFlash Installation for India

March 2015

Nettenergy received its first international order for a Mobile PyroFlash installation from Shirke BioFuels. This order is a landmark for Nettenergy’s mobile pyrolysis technology and is proof that the mobile concepts and the simultaneous production of multiple products is a winning combination.

Nettenergy and Fairchar combine forces to promote biochar

February 2015

Nettenergy and Fairchar will collaborate in promoting the use of biochar for soil restoration, reforestation, CO2 capture, clean fuel, and improvement of food production and health. FairChar’s prime focus is on Africa to establish communities in using biochar to improve their welfare. Using Nettenergy’s Pyroflash installation the biochar is produced as well as oil for heating, wood vinegar as a natural pesticide and electricity.