Nettenergy launches mobile PyroFlash installation

November 2013

Nettenergy demonstrates its revolutionary PyroFlash technology to the public. For the first time people from industry and government organizations could see the mobile installation in action, The PyroFlash technology is the first technology in the world that produces 2nd generation pyrolysis oil.
The installation is extremely compact: on 1.5 m2 (!) the installation processes 50-100 kg/h biomass directly into biochar, wood acid, pyrolysis oils, and syngas.

Nettenergy opens office at the Green Chemistry Campus

October 2013

Nettenergy has opened an office at the Green Chemistry Campus located in Bergen op Zoom (NL). Nettenergy will use the lab facilities of SABIC to perform research into chemicals derived from wood acid and pyrolysis oil produced by the PyroFlash process.

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult start collaboration

August 2013

Nettenergy and Nimaro Ageno Consult have entered into a collaboration agreement to produce green chemical materials from the products produced by Nettenergy’s Pyroflash technology. To achieve this a broad R&D program has been established with a focus on the following areas: individual chemical components, bio-aromatics, coatings, deicers.

MIT Subsidy awarded

July 2013

Nettenergy en Nimaro Ageno Consult has been awarded an MIT subsidy for their program “Durable products from Mobile Flash Pyrolysis Units”

With the MIT program, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs stimulates innovation in SBE’s around its so-called “Topsectors”. One of them is the chemical industry. For a duration of two years, Nettenergy and Nimaro Ageno Consult will research which valuable chemical components can be produced.

The basis for the research is the products produced by the innovative PyroFlash technology that simultaneously produces biochar, wood acid and 2nd generation pyrolysis oil (3% water, HHV of 24 MJ/kg).