NettGas partners with MOF Energy – Nigeria

December 2021

NettGas has started a collaboration with MOF Energy in Nigeria to introduce renewable electricity based on biomass and Nettenergy’s PyroGasifier Technology.

Nettenergy reorganises

November 2021

Nettenergy has restructured its company. Nettenergy will remain focused on R&D activities and developing new technologies. The sales, marketing, and licensing of technology will be handled by two new sister companies: NettGas will focus on the commercialization of the PyroGasification, PyroFine, and SYN2H technology, and NettOil will focus on the PyroFlash technology.  


Nettenergy releases video on its gasifier technology

November 2021

A new video was released on our PyroGasifier technology showing biochar and syngas production. The syngas is a source for electricity production or hydrogen production using our SYN2H technology.

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Nettenergy wins Rotterdam Organic Waste Challenge

August 2021

Nettenergy wins an international competition to upgrade organic waste from the city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is searching for new processing routes for this waste stream. Nettenergy’s route to green hydrogen and biochar got the highest score. This challenge opens the door to scale up our PyroGasification and SYN2H technology for a new feedstock.

Nettenergy celebrates 15th anniversary!

May 2021

Nettenergy introduces a standardized hydrogen plant of 500 kg/day

March 2021

Nettenergy is designing a hydrogen plant with a nominal capacity of 500 kg/day and simultaneous co-production of 1 ton/day of biochar. Using a range of organic waste streams, this plant will not only produce green hydrogen but also allow CO2 to be stored in the soil to obtain carbon credits. This unique combination will be marketed as ‘orange’ hydrogen to differentiate from green hydrogen produced by electrolyzers that lack the carbon capture feature.

A 500 kg/day hydrogen production is equivalent to a 1.2 MW electrolyzer.

Nettenergy and Vermeulen Groep at VOA meeting

February 2021

Nettenergy’s partner The Vermeulen Groep attended a business meeting in which for the first time animation was shown on the “Groene Hart Waterstof” pilot. A pilot in which Nettenergy and the Vermeulen Groep will collaborate to turn verge grass and wood waste into biochar and green hydrogen.

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