Nettenergy produces hydrogen from LPG

December 2020

Nettenergy has produced hydrogen from LPG using its SYN2H technology. This is part of a program to convert gases like natural gas, biogas into hydrogen without the use of catalysts and to offer an alternative to the steam reforming route.

Nettenergy successful in gasifying liquids

August 2020

Nettenergy has successfully gasified liquids with its new PyroGasifier installation. Pyrolysis oil from its PyroFlash installation and vegetable oils were processed. The resulting syngas has been tested in a gas generator to produce electricity. The syngas can also be used in the SYN2H reactor to be converted into pure hydrogen.

Nettenergy and Vermeulen Group annouce hydrogen pilot

April 2020

Nettenergy and its Dutch partner Vermeulen Group launch a pilot to produce green hydrogen from wood and roadside grass using Nettenergy’s PyroGasification technology combined with the SYN2H technology. The pilot will be the first phase in developing a 500 kg/day hydrogen plant which is equivalent to a 1.2 MW electrolyzer. The project is referred to as the GH2 project as it will take place in the Green Heart of The Netherlands.

Nettenergy joins consortium in BioADD project

March 2020

Based on research done by Nettenergy in 2019 on biochar in bioplastics a consortium was founded under the leadership of the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy. In a 2 year R&D program, the use of biochar as an additive into bioplastics will be studied especially for the horticulture industry.

Nettenergy invited to join Sustainable Industry Challenge

January 2020

Nettenergy will participate in the Sustainable Industry Challenge of Chemport Europe in Northern Netherlands. Nettenergy will put forward our green building blocks derived from our pyrolysis technologies to aid the local chemical industry in the field of green chemistry, energy transition, and recycling.